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About Ralph Stock

Game Designer & Entrepreneur


Ralph Stock Portrait, photographer: Justus Bürger (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

As one of the first professional game developers in Germany, Ralph Stock has been one of the pioneers of the digital games industry since 1984. From the beginning he set new standards in game design with his innovative ideas. With his aspiration to develop games that are not only fun but also convey relevant matters, he creates extraordinary gaming experiences to this day.

In 1993, Ralph Stock founded the company Promotion Software GmbH. With its divisions Serious Games Solutions and Sixteen Tons Entertainment he brings new game ideas of various kinds to life.

Games for Consumers

With games like Mad TV or EMERGENCY, Ralf Stock redefined digital gaming genres and thrilled millions of players. His portfolio includes dozens of games he has developed with his team since 1984.


Games for Innovation

Ralph Stock cultivates new fields of application for gaming technologies with passion, for example to prevent diseases, to help children with cancer, to find solutions against man-made climate change or to improve civil protection.

With his label "Serious Games Solutions" he continuously establishes cooperations with partners from the industry, with universities and international research institutes.


Games for Learners

With sophisticated digital learning experience worlds such as the multi-award-winning game-based mobile exhibition "Menschen auf der Flucht" (Refugees),
Ralph Stocks shows that game design can be efficiently used to convey complex content, and not just for children and young people.



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Games for Consumers

Games designed by Ralph Stock:

Challenges for strategy enthusiasts, design innovations and a subtle sense of humor.

Click on a title below to learn more about a game:

In 1984, the adventure game “Der Stein der Weisen” (The Philosopher’s Stone) was released for the C64. Spiked with many puzzles and a pinch of humor, it became a classic of adventure games. With its revolutionary parser, the game “understood” complete sentences as one of the first games back then.

Stein der Weisen Screenshot

“Der Stein der Weisen” (The Philosopher’s Stone) became a sales success in Germany and Great Britain.

An exciting detective adventure with survival elements for the C64, later also for Amiga and PC. Within 5 match days, it’s time to solve a criminal case involving a mummy. Attention: The puzzles are nothing for beginners.

Bozuma - Mystery of the Mummy Screenshot

The first game that used an audio cassette for the soundtrack. The player assumes the role of a US spy in the CIA, Sam Porter, and travels in search of a bomb through all of Berlin.

East vs. West - Berlin 1984 Screenshot

With this international super hit, game designer Ralph Stock has written computer game history: For the first time, a perfectly constructed business simulation was packed entertaining and easy to play for everyone. This game was a model for many successful computer games and has set valid standards to this day.

How the story of Mad TV started:

In 1987, inspired by the “Little Computer People” simulation released on the Commodore 64, Ralph Stock had the initial idea to develop a then new game principle, namely the real-time, graphically oriented trade simulation, which was meant to simulate the construction of a private television station. The game, which Ralph Stock developed still parallel to his graduation, became the model for many successful computer games and has set valid standards to this day.

Mad TV was in good company: Ralph Stock worked not only as a game designer, but also freelance, then permanent as a programmer and producer at Rainbow Arts and was responsible not only for the games based on his own design, but also the development of German-language versions of popular computer games series of sales partner Lucasfilm, TSR or SSI. He worked with game design colleagues like Chris Roberts (Wing Commander) or Richard Garriott (Ultima). This international exchange among young designers, who were in their twenties at the time, was essential to Ralph Stock’s development as a game designer and producer. Like the previous titles, Ralph Stock’s invention Mad TV was published by Rainbow Arts. The theme for the game was composed by Rudolf Stember.

Even after all these years, Mad TV has not lost its charm, because behind the profoundly satirical game hides a hard-hitting economic simulation.

Mad TV Screenshot

The popular detective adventure was developed as an advertising game for the LBS and plays in the Chicago of the 20s. The player assumes the role of a private investigator and rescues the young waitress Rachel from a gangster boss.

Victor Loomes Screenshot

A humorous time travel adventure in comic style. The protagonist Tom Long has to rescue his girlfriend, who was sucked into a computer game. He travels not only to the Wild West, but also to the Middle Ages and the Stone Age to thwart the plans of a villain.

Tom Long Screenshot

In “Hurra Deutschland”, the player takes on the role of hitherto completely unknown Chancellor candidate Paul. From now on, only a few days remain for him to advance his election campaign, to draw the people to his side, to uncover a conspiracy and to save the entire republic and himself.

Hurra Deutschland Screenshot

MAD NEWS is one of the most acclaimed computer games in the field of business simulations. The game combines humor with routinely designed graphics, has become the top hit and perennial favorite in sales statistics.

Mad News Screenshot

Point & Click adventure for political education. In the computer game “Der rasende Reporter”, pupils slip into the role of the chief reporter of a local newspaper. From interviews and photos then the own newspaper is compiled – thus playfully the interest in politics is awakened.

Der Rasende Reporter Screenshot

Adventure game for AIDS education. Teenagers are playfully sensitized to the important issue of AIDS.

Tim und Nina screenshot

Jeff Jet is a smart and funny adventure game not only for the young audience. The goal of upgrading the Hewlett-Packard brand has been achieved here in an exemplary way.

Jeff Jet Screenshot

Client: Hewlett-Packard Germany

On a small dreamy South Sea island, the player uses corruption and dirty tricks to gain power over the island. But then he should get away from his tropical island paradise as fast as possible!

Caribbean Disaster screenshot

The advertising game “Berlin Connection” served to attract young readers to the Berliner Morgenpost: two young people are experiencing an exciting agent adventure in Berlin. They meet exciting and sometimes dangerous characters and experience their hometown Berlin from a new perspective.

Berlin Connection Screenshot

Client: Berliner Morgenpost

EMERGENCY – Fighters for Life is the first part of the successful EMERGENCY series, which is now a classic German computer game. Organizational talent and strategy are needed. Players coordinate emergency and rescue teams of the police, fire brigade and technical assistants.

EMERGENCY 1 Screenshot

EMERGENCY – Fighters for Life became a bestseller not only in Germany, but throughout the world. Products from the EMERGENCY series have since appeared in many languages and on all continents, and EMERGENCY variants are also available for handheld consoles.

The player assumes the role of a special police unit in EMERGENCY Police, gaining full control of up to 40 different vehicles and forces such as snipers, police psychologists and police helicopters. In 15 application scenarios, varied orders are waiting. Capturing a runaway lion, curbing mass poisoning at a folk festival, or rescuing hostages.

EMERGENCY Police Screenshot

The second part of the successful strategy game series EMERGENCY. Fast and consistent action in the fight for human lives is needed now. The skillful coordination of firefighters, police and ambulance forces will save people and prevent disasters.

EMERGENCY 2 Screenshot

It is not a sports game.
It is no ego-shooter.
It is more.
It is Gotcha!

Gotcha Screenshot

It’s the toughest tournament in the world: The Supercup of the International Marker Sports League. Players compete against the toughest Gotcha players in the world, on a rig on the high seas, on the 85th floor of a skyscraper, or in a medieval castle ruin. Teams of 20 players with different characteristics are fighting for the IMS League Supercup.

Released for PC and Xbox

In the third part of the popular EMERGENCY series, players can now view the action for the first time in freely rotatable and zoomable 3D graphics from all directions. In addition to realistic lighting and weather effects, the third part of the rescue simulation features the new freeplay mode, in which randomly occurring emergency situations have to be responded to at lightning speed in order to maintain control in the area of operation. In addition to the well-known units of the fire brigade, police and ambulance service, technical support service volunteers are now also available to the player.

EMERGENCY 3 Screenshot

In this real-time strategy hit, the player assumes the role of the task force leader. He has a large number of emergency vehicles and personnel in the areas of fire, rescue, police and technical assistance.

For the first time, the 20 missions of the campaign are embedded in an endless play around a living city with many coincidences and tasks. Realistic times of day and weather conditions: Flowing day-night changes and constantly changing weather conditions, a multitude of events that are always developing dynamically.

EMERGENCY 4 Screenshot

Spectacular foreign missions in the Antarctic and the Middle East: the scenarios range from medical emergencies, traffic accidents and major fires to earthquakes and floods. In addition, the game has a multiplayer mode and new controls.

The deluxe edition also includes 4 new foreign missions and a completely new freeplay area. In addition, it is now also possible to control the task force by voice command.

The world at the end of the 21st century. California has seceded from the US after a civil war and is being controlled by a totalitarian police state under dictator Lou Baxter. Opposition and dissenters are systematically persecuted and innocently imprisoned. The prisoners have only one way out – participation in the cynical gladiator’s television show hosted by dictator Lou Baxter.

The Show Screenshot

The Show plays in a fantastic future world with high-tech weapons and giant mechas. The battles take place on a huge island where artificial landscapes are the result of state-of-the-art holo technology. The focus of THE SHOW is on tactics, strategy, numerous fights and fast action.

The successful real-time strategy game now also for the Nintendo DS. Players coordinate firefighters, ambulance, police and technical support staff to extinguish fires, provide victims and protect civilians from harm. 5 different applications divided into 4 operations each offer a total of 20 exciting missions in which it is about saving lives and preventing disasters. The game has a highscore system so players can compare their achievements with others.


Nominated for the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” in the category: “Best Handheld Game”

In collaboration with the renowned board game author Dr. Reiner Knizia, Ralph Stock realized digital game conversions of some of his most popular board games such as “Keltis – Der Weg der Steine” (2009), “Einfach Genial” (Simply Ingenious, 2009) or “Heckmeck” (2015) – for PC, Nintendo DS, iOS and Android.

Heckmeck Screenshot

EMERGENCY 2012 includes 12 exciting missions and in the Deluxe version an additional mini-campaign consisting of 3 further missions. Graphics and control have been improved compared to its predecessors.

EMERGENCY 2012 Screenshot

This varied EMERGENCY game for the Nintendo DS is all about catastrophes around well-known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Matterhorn.


Comic-style simulation game for the Nintendo DS. With police, fire brigade, ambulance and technical support service children can prove their skill in dealing with firefighting and natural disasters in exciting missions.


In EMERGENCY Mobile (iOS, Android, Kindle), the player assumes the role of the chief of operations and has to coordinate rescue teams in 13 disaster scenarios.

EMERGENCY Mobile Screenshot

At the beginning of each mission, it is important to get a quick overview of the situation at the scene of the accident. Firefighters, police and rescue workers are ready to extinguish fires, secure the site and provide the injured and transported away.

The ultimate EMERGENCY collection with much new and exclusive content:

The player receives the supreme command of rescue teams, fire brigade, police and technical assistants. Players send their teams in exciting real-time assignments to combat disasters in Europe’s major cities.

EMERGENCY 2013 Screenshot

A web based strategy game about energy management.

Siemens Power Matrix Game Screenshot

Client: Siemens

EMERGENCY 2014 includes all the content of EMERGENCY 2013, EMERGENCY 2012 DELUXE and expands the popular series by numerous eventful hours of play, new spectacular videos and new units, such as extinguishing helicopter and the historical horse team with fire engine.

EMERGENCY 2014 Screenshot

EMERGENCY with a new Game Engine und more realistic graphics:

In the course of the comprehensive EMERGENCY 5 campaign, smaller accidents alternate with large events and provide many hours of exciting fun. A cooperative game mode also allows up to four players at a time to solve special multiplayer events.

EMERGENCY 5 Screenshot

One of the highlights of EMERGENCY 5 is the newly developed editor. With the editor, players can create their own content (mods), which can then be integrated into the game. For the first time it is even possible to work with other modders at the same time on the same project.

EMERGENCY 2016 comes with a new double campaign that demands the player as a savior: The plague rages in medieval Cologne. With the plague doctor, the player combats the deadly plague.

EMERGENCY 2016 Screenshot

After centuries, the treacherous epidemic breaks out again. One metropolis after another is in danger of becoming a quarantine zone. The player combats the plague with today’s means and brings the outbreak of the disease under control to save the inhabitants of its cities.

EMERGENCY 2017 begins in a historic mini-campaign in Hamburg in the 17th century. The player rescues people from the witch hunt of an angry mob with the city watch.

EMERGENCY 2017 Screenshot

In modern times, EMERGENCY 2017 is more up-to-date than ever. The threat of international terror is growing everywhere in the area of operation. In exciting and demanding missions, it is about warding off dangers, containing damage and maintaining public order. In addition to the well-known units is the first time the dog team (with its own vehicle) helpful to the side, if it is not only about finding injured, but to detect dangerous bombs.

For this anniversary version of EMERGENCY, in addition to the big campaigns, the most gripping missions from 20 years of EMERGENCY were recreated in the new editor.

EMERGENCY 20 Screenshot 11

In addition, Ralph Stock reveals interesting details about the emergence and development of EMERGENCY in developer videos.

EMERGENCY HQ is an internationally successful free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android. The player not only experiences exciting missions with fire department, police, rescue and technical support service, but also builds and develops his own base.


EMERGENCY HQ is enjoyed by several million players. Many of them are actually working in the fire department or emergency services.

Games for Innovation

Research and collaborations


Photo: University of Paderborn

Emergency Training with Serious Games

“TEAMWORK”, a software-based crisis simulator, is designed for the cooperative training of emergency response teams. This project was developed in collaboration with the university of Paderborn. In 2017, the BMBF research project was awarded the innovation prize “Deutschland – Land der Ideen”.

Der Rasende Reporter

Games for Health

With our serious games we also approach health issues. An app for iOS and Android mobilizes players with an individual training plan and supports a more active lifestyle with modern sensor systems and motivational feedback. Another app helps kids who have cancer.

Schaetzjagd Screenshot

Educational Games for Children

“Auf Schätzjagd mit Käpt’n Koko” (Treasure Hunt with Captain Koko) is a math learning game for elementary school kids. We developed this app in cooperation with the “Leibniz Institut für Wissensmedien” (IWM). A pirate hunts for treasures by numerical-beam-based guessing – with the help of the child.

Games for Learners

Ralph Stock was one of the first game designers to develop games as a learning and teaching medium for children and adults, making him one of the pioneers of this genre. Here is an excerpt of his Serious Games:

Menschen auf der Flucht

Interactive Exhibitions

This multimedia installation developed by Ralph Stock and his team is running in a mobile truck. In various stations, it allows approach to the civil war in the Congo and related refugee fates. “Menschen auf der Flucht” (Refugees) won the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” (German Computer Game Award) for the Best Serious Game.

Blue Brain Club screenshot

Digital Educational Media for School Classes

Serious Games designed by Ralph Stock are also being used in school lessons. One of these games is “Blue Brain Club” with brain-related challenges. It was honored in 2018 with the Comenius EduMedia Medal as an educational digital educational medium, outstanding in content and design.
Performers Screenshot

Staff Training

Ralph Stock develops game-based training programs for a variety of purposes for use in employee training. His game-based learning system “Performers” is used for management and staff training.

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